Connecting the World

The S-Group is an elite, subscription-based, business networking group. Over 2,500 members from all over the world are currently able to leverage our premium platform – with 90 unique group channels that connect top leaders and prominent figures across various industries and disciplines. We are entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, creatives and sports professionals.

Members are invested in helping one another succeed – unlocking and creating invaluable new networks and opportunities. The S-Group’s growth is driven by both organic connections and through our ability to strategically develop relationships that serve our members.

Our group channels are an exceptional resource for direct access to influential contacts, seasoned advice and insights, business opportunities, and trusted referrals. 

Our community serves to accelerate the endeavours of our members, and we strive to expand the networth of each member’s network.

The world runs on relationships.

Meaningful, lasting relationships are established right here.

At the S-Group, we do business and life together.

What our members say

“The Smutby family connects people of all ages, genders, races and religions, and across geographies. It’s a selfless endeavour from Rob Hersov and his friends to connect people, with a commitment to pay it forward wherever we can, and to support fellow Smutby members to advance.”

“Being a Smutby has allowed me to enhance business opportunities for my company in South Africa. At the same time it has been a wonderful experience to contribute to charitable causes identified by the network.”

“The Smutby group is the most impactful group I know. I am a YPO member and they can’t compete. I live by the words of ‘The journey is long, choose good company’.”

“I am often asked what I believe is the best resource for stock ideas and information – it is S-Vest 2.0 hands down.”

“I keep getting asked what I believe is the best resource I know for stock ideas and information. I am being serious when I say that S-Vest 2.0 hands down would have made you all an absolute killing in the good times and saved you a bucket load in the bad times. This group have called the pandemic bottom, called the bottom in uranium, called the stop in growth stocks, called the coal story, called the energy rally, called the AMZN drop, called the TWTR rally and subsequently the top etc etc. MANY more great calls have been made.

“I have had some incredible business and personal journeys since joining. So far, it’s been incredible.”

“The support I’ve received from the Rob and the network is humbling.”

“I have benefitted hugely since joining, with gradual but incredible steps.”

“I have only been a member for a few months now and have already received incredible assistance and support from the group members. Truly grateful and very much appreciated.”



“Not going to lie Dorian Prosdocimi (Head Contributor of S-Vest 2.0), you have helped pay for my child’s education. Thank you. Drinks on me when we are finally allowed to.”

“I’ve learned more from S-Vest 2.0 than I did studying finance and investment in both my postgraduate and MBA studies combined. Very grateful to Dorian Prosdocimi (Head Contributor of S-Vest 2.0) and all the regular contributors.”

“The S-Group has been nothing short of amazing. I am not only referring to great financial gains but even more importantly, knowledge that I would never have gained elsewhere!”

“Essentially, all of humanity is driven by two fundamental motivational ‘drivers’: the need to ‘achieve’ and have a results-oriented sense of significance, or the need to ‘belong’ and have a sense of affiliation in a trusted, common values network. The S-Group and Smutby gives us both – an unusual capability compared to most other networks, where you participate for one or the other – but seldom both.”

“I have met such interesting people who are unapologetically themselves and dare to dream and live big. I have been to the craziest parties as part of Smutby, but more importantly I have experienced kindness in a new and ‘bigger’ way!”

“I’ve learned more from being on S-Vest 2.0 than I did studying Finance and Investment in both my postgraduate and MBA studies combined. Very grateful to you and all the regular contributors.”

“My life and business have prospered emerald since becoming a Smutby.”

“In the relatively short time I’ve been a Smutby, I’ve witnessed really positive interactions, learnt a lot, and had people who don’t know me offer their assistance when I asked for advice.”

“Smutbies have been extremely helpful! Too many to mention, with no “selling” just help with no strings attached!”


At the S-Group, we believe that relationships are your greatest resource. Thus, our exclusive S-Group networking events, which are held throughout the year, are aimed at building relationships, connecting and expanding the networks of our esteemed community.


THE S-Group

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