The S-Group is an exclusive, subscription-based business networking community with a global membership exceeding 3,000 members globally across 40 unique group channels. Our premium platform serves as a nexus connecting top leaders and distinguished figures from various industries and disciplines, including a dynamic mix of entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, creatives, and sports professionals.

At the core of the S-Group ethos is a commitment to mutual success. Members actively engage in supporting each other, unlocking invaluable networks, and cultivating opportunities. The growth of the S-Group is fueled by a synergy of organic connections and our adeptness at strategically cultivating relationships tailored to the specific needs of our members.

Distinguished by a shared commitment to mutual success, S-Group members actively contribute to each other’s success, unlocking unparalleled networks, and fostering opportunities. The wealth of our group channels within the S-Group lies in their abibilty to serve as exceptional resources, providing direct access to influential contacts, providing seasoned advice and profound insights, presenting business opportunities, and trustworthy referrals. Beyond this, our community serves an exceptional resource hub, accelerating the endeavours of our members and contributing towards the expansion of each individual’s network. In the grand tapestry of the business world, we recognise that, in the broader scope, relationships are paramount.

Within our community, meaningful and enduring relationships take root, serving as catalysts for the accelerated success of our members. We go beyond mere connections; we strategically foster relationships that stand the test of time. In the world of the S-Group, business and life intertwine seamlessly. We firmly uphold the belief that relationships constitute the most valuable resource, and our exclusive S-Group networking events, held throughout the year, are meticulously designed to cultivate, connect, and expand the networks of our esteemed community, underlining our commitment to not only doing business together but navigating the journey of life collectively.

The world runs on relationships.

Meaningful, lasting relationships are established right here.

At the S-Group, we do business and life together.

What our members say

“The S-Group community is a platform that brings together individuals from all walks of life, regardless of age, gender, race, or religion, spanning different geographical locations. Its core objective is to foster connections among people, driven by a selfless commitment to helping one another and paying it forward whenever possible. Within this community, there is an unwavering dedication to supporting fellow S-Group members in their personal and professional growth.”

“For me, being a part of the S-Group has opened up new business opportunities in South Africa. It has also been a fulfilling experience to contribute to charitable causes that are identified and supported by the network.”

“Among the various network groups I am involved in, the S-Group stands out as one of the most impactful. As a member of both YPO and EO, I can confidently say that the S-Group has added entirely new dimensions to my business ventures. I firmly believe in the importance of surrounding oneself with good company on the journey of life.”

“Whenever people ask me about the best resource for stock ideas and information, I cannot recommend S-Vest 2.0 enough. It has consistently proven itself to be an exceptional platform for stock market insights and recommendations.”

“I frequently get asked about my go-to resource for stock ideas and information. Without a doubt, S-Vest 2.0 has been a game-changer. It has not only been incredibly accurate in predicting market movements, but it has also helped me make substantial gains during favorable times and saved me from losses during challenging periods. This group has demonstrated their expertise by successfully calling pivotal market moments such as the pandemic bottom, the bottom in uranium, the halt in growth stocks’ ascent, the rise in coal stocks, the rally in the energy sector, the drop in Amazon stocks, and the subsequent rally in Twitter stocks, among many other remarkable calls.”

“Since joining the S-Group, I have embarked on extraordinary journeys, both in my personal and professional life. So far, the experience has been nothing short of incredible.”

“The support and encouragement I have received from the S-Group network have truly humbled me. The genuine care and assistance extended by the members exemplify the spirit of this community.”

“I am incredibly grateful to the S-Vest 2.0 platform and its Head Contributor, Dorian Prosdocimi, along with all the regular contributors. Through their insights and knowledge, I have learned more about finance and investment than I did during my postgraduate and MBA studies combined.”

“The S-Group has been an amazing experience for me. It goes beyond financial gains; it has provided me with invaluable knowledge that I wouldn’t have been able to acquire elsewhere.”

“Fundamentally, human motivation is driven by the desire to achieve and feel a sense of significance, or the need to belong and have a sense of affiliation within a trusted network. The beauty of the S-Group is that it offers both of these motivational drivers, which is quite unique compared to other networks where you have to choose one or the other.”

“The S-Group has introduced me to a diverse group of individuals who are unapologetically themselves and have the courage to dream big. I have had the privilege of attending extraordinary S-Group Business Networking events, but more importantly, I have experienced kindness and generosity in ways that I never thought possible.”

“Since becoming an S-Group member, my life and business have flourished exponentially. The support, guidance, and opportunities within the network have propelled me to new heights of success.”

“In the relatively short period that I have been a part of the S-Group, I have witnessed positive interactions, gained valuable knowledge, and received assistance from individuals who don’t even know me but are willing to help when I seek advice.”

“The members of the S-Group have been incredibly helpful. There are too many individuals to mention, but what stands out is that their assistance comes without any ulterior motives or sales pitches. It is genuine help, with no strings attached.”

“The S-Group has proven to be a source of immense value, both on a personal and professional level. The connections, resources, and support provided by the S-Group community are truly invaluable.”

“Through platforms like S-Vest 2.0, I have witnessed a profound impact on my knowledge, success, personal growth, and sense of belonging. Not only have I experienced financial gains, but I have also been able to expand my horizons and develop myself as an individual. The support and guidance received within this trusted network have played a significant role in my progress and achievements. I am grateful for the opportunities and growth that the S-Group has provided me.”


“I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to the organisers and sponsors for putting together an incredible event! What made the experience truly unforgettable was the remarkable camaraderie and banter among all the participants. People were accommodating, open to exchanging ideas, and we shared some truly epic laughs together.”

“The journey from the bustling city of Harare was well worth it. Thank you to the dedicated S-Group team involved in making this event a success.”

“To say that the S-Group events are exceptional would be an understatement. From the moment we arrived until the lights were switched off, we were treated like royalty.”

“The networking opportunities were unparalleled. Existing relationships were solidified, and new connections were forged. Kudos to the S-Group team for organising such a memorable experience.”

“For those who were unable to attend, you truly missed out. We hope to see you at the next event!”

“A sincere thank you to the S-Group team! It was a phenomenal weekend and an incredible year-end function. The event was meticulously planned and organised, and everything from the atmosphere to the venue and food was top-notch. We are proud to be part of the S-Group and have sponsored for the past two years. Thank you for the opportunity. Keep up the fantastic work – the Instacom family.”

“Thank you to the S-Group team! I had an absolute blast this weekend. I’ve been a member for a little over a year, and thanks to Tonderai’s encouragement, I decided to travel from the UK to meet some amazing people. I wasn’t disappointed at all. I made invaluable connections and finally got to meet some of the legends of the S-Group. I feel incredibly privileged to be part of this wonderful community. I’m already looking forward to the next events and the chance to meet even more incredible individuals.”

“We flew in from Malta for these events, and it was definitely worth it! The organization was flawless, the atmosphere was fantastic, and I enjoyed every minute of catching up with friends and getting to know some amazing new members. Congratulations to the S-Group team – it was a superb event! Absolutely loved it.”

“The S-Group team organised an incredible event over the past two days. It was truly world-class! I can’t wait to attend more of these in the future.”

“What an amazing group of people! It’s a privilege to be among all the S-Group members. It was an absolute pleasure, and I had a fantastic time. I really enjoyed meeting everyone. Thanks again!”

“The S-Group Gathering was an absolutely amazing networking event. It was truly something special – a perfect blend of amazing people and great energy. As a follow-up, I’ve spent the morning sending out emails and setting up meetings, and the response has been exceptional.”


“I had a blast at the event, and I definitely won’t miss the next one!”

“I recently attended a business networking event hosted by the S-Group, and it was a game-changer. The highlight for me was the opportunity to connect with influential business leaders. The event provided a platform where I not only exchanged ideas but also gained valuable insights from seasoned professionals. It was an invaluable experience that has already had a positive impact on my business trajectory.”

“The S-Group’s networking events have consistently exceeded my expectations, particularly in their ability to facilitate connections with investors. The diverse group of investors in attendance created an ideal environment to pitch ideas and explore potential collaborations. This unique networking opportunity has opened doors for my business, and I am excited about the future prospects.”

“Attending the S-Group’s networking event was a transformative experience for me. I found myself surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for success. The networking sessions went beyond mere business transactions, focusing on building genuine relationships with people who truly understand the entrepreneurial journey. It is quite rare to find such a supportive network, and I am grateful for the connections I have made, which will undoubtedly lead to lasting collaborations and friendships.”

“As a dedicated and long-standing member of the S-Group, I want to express my ongoing appreciation for the consistently exceptional networking events that have been organised. Having never missed a single gathering over the years, I can confidently say that the S-Group’s commitment to creating a unique and valuable community is unparalleled. These events have played an instrumental role in my professional growth, continuously providing opportunities to connect, learn, and engage with industry leaders. It goes beyond just attending events; it is a journey of collaboration, shared successes, and enduring friendships. Here’s to the continued success of the S-Group!”

“I recently had the privilege of attending a business networking event hosted by the S-Group, and it was truly a game-changer. One of the standout moments was the opportunity to connect with influential business leaders. The event provided a platform where I could not only exchange ideas but also gain invaluable insights from seasoned professionals. This experience has already had a positive impact on the trajectory of my business, and I am excited about the possibilities that have emerged from these meaningful interactions.”


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